Sending Imaginations to a “Whole Different World”

As the Better Basics’ MORE program draws to a close for this school year, fourth-grade students have an opportunity to tell us why they have enjoyed participating in the program.  This is what Joshua Watts from Glen Iris Elementary School wrote:


“I like the MORE program because it gets kids like me to read more and expand my vocabulary by reading.   I choose chapter books like Jackie Chan, The Dragon Kind and Ace Crime Detective.  They are the kind of books that make you want to see what happens in the end.  Being in the MORE program has motivated me to start writing some comic books of my own.  This program gives me a chance to let my imagination go to a whole different world.  The MORE program just doesn’t give you books they want to give you, you get to pick your own books (how wonderful is that.)  That is why I like the MORE program.”


Reading unlocks a world of opportunities for children like Joshua. Through the MORE program this year, almost 1,700 students were able to earn books to start their own home libraries.  There are no limits to where these books will lead them, and what opportunities they may gain through a love of reading developed in the MORE program.