Ballet Beginners

Hale County Field TripMore than 200 students from Greensboro Elementary in Hale County traveled to Birmingham this month to see a performance of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker by the Alabama Ballet. Many students told us this was the first time they had the opportunity to see a live ballet performance.

Before the show, Ashlyn Heartsill, a fourth-grade Greensboro Elementary student, said she was excited to see the show because she had no idea what it would be like. Once the curtains rose, you could hear the students’ oohs and aahhs as they saw the elaborate sets and skilled dancers.

After the performance, Ashlyn said, “The show was amazing. It was cool how the toy turned into a real person.”

Stephanie Richey, principal of Greensboro Elementary, said the students really seemed to enjoy the performance. “You could tell they were following the story,” she said. “They giggled and gasped in all the right places.” When asked about the importance of funding for a project like this, Richey stated, “This is an opportunity my students would never, never, never experience.”

This trip was made possible through funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission that helps to underwrite the Better Basics programs in Jefferson, Hale, and Clay counties.