A New School Year of Possibilities

It is back to school time.  Most of the children in our community will be back in their classrooms this week. Can’t you just smell that new box of crayons or envision the fresh unmarked notebooks?



A new school year is full of possibilities. That new box of crayons will be used to create artistic masterpieces.  Those blank notebook pages will soon be filled with new concepts for students to explore.  When you’re in school, there’s so much potential each fall – new teachers, new things to learn, even new friends.


At Better Basics, we are brimming with excitement over the start of a new school year.  What will it hold for the students we will serve?


In our Reading Intervention program, when will that struggling reader have the “aha moment” that leads to improvements in his or her reading abilities?


We can’t wait to see the students’ excitement over earning books to start their very own home libraries through the MORE program.

HOPE girls on recorders

What kind of wonderful arts and cultural experiences can we provide for students this year through the Schoolwide Enrichment program?

girl reading in sunlight

In Ready 2 Read and Wise Words, will those young, second-grade students catch the spark that leads to a life-long passion for reading?

Ready 2 Read

How many wonderful, new volunteers will we meet who are excited about making a difference for students this year?

Each year, Better Basics is committed to improving the lives of children and their families through the core principles of our mission – empowering children, reducing illiteracy, and improving the community.

Just like that box of crayons or blank notebook pages, Better Basics’ programs offer exciting possibilities for the more than 19,000 students we will serve this year.