About Us

Better Basics provides literacy intervention, enrichment programs and educational opportunities for elementary- and middle-school students throughout Alabama. Through active partnerships with schools and the community, we instill a sense of confidence by cultivating an interest in learning and bolstering each child’s ability to read and succeed in life.

Our programs empower students as they progress along the learning continuum, from reading to comprehension to retention, while infusing literature into their homes and exposing them to multi-cultural arts and enrichment programs. As we increase childhood literacy rates today, we diminish future adult illiteracy issues and their various side effects, creating innumerable benefits for our society as a whole. Better Basics is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and recognized authority on childhood literacy based in Birmingham, AL.

  • Empowering Children: We empower children by cultivating an interest in learning, building confidence, and giving them the tools to be successful in school.
  • Improving the Community: Our programs positively impact each student and his or her community by increasing literacy rates, educational achievements and productivity levels.
  • Reducing Illiteracy: By increasing childhood literacy rates we diminish adult illiteracy issues and improve quality of life.


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